Need a Speech Writer?

You are asked to give a speech at a special occasion and,
You are hard-pressed for ideas and the appropriate words
You are busy beyond words and you cannot allocate time for research and speech writing
You are concerned about public speaking (a most common phenomenon)
You just absolutely hate writing

Don’t stress help is here!
Speeches are part of every Jewish celebration and rite of passage. At the brit milah or baby naming, on the celebration of the bar and bat mitzvah, graduations, and at weddings and anniversaries — speeches are expected. Though some regale at the opportunity to take pen to paper, most people, busy as they are with preparations and the excitement leading to the event, are happy to have our Jewish Celebrations speech writers do the work for them. And we are happy to oblige.

Speeches for One and All!
– Father / Mother of the bride / groom speeches
– Father / Mother of Bar or Bat Mitzvah speeches
– Bar Mitzvah Boy or Bat Mitzvah Girl speeches
– Brit and Baby Naming speeches
– Speeches for Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Siblings and Friends
– Anniversary and Birthday speeches
– Graduation speeches
– Retirement speeches
– And more
We write personalized speeches that reflect client’s style and manner for all JEWISH CELEBRATIONS, special occasions, and rites of passage.

Service available to all denominations according to needs and preferences
Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, other
– Torah Portion themed speeches (dvar Torah)
– Jewish Heritage & Tradition themed speeches
– Anecdotal, family lore, heavy on emotion, lighthearted, other
Always PERSONALIZED and RELEVANT to your Special Occasion

Choosing an appropriate length for your speech:
The speed of delivering a speech varies from person to person, however, the average speech rate is approximately 100-125 words per minute. A two-minute speech, or approximately 250 words, fit on one typed double-spaced page. To assure the audiences’ attention, the duration of most Jewish celebration speeches should not be longer than three minutes.

There are exceptions to the rule, of course. While most young attendees at a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah are likely to prefer for adults to keep their speeches short, longer speeches would be more  appropriate for occasions such as engagements or weddings. Most parents of grooms/brides/bar & bat mitzvah boys and girls usually speak between eight and 12 minutes.

Please note that your speech will reflect you  Jewish affiliation (orthodox, modern orthodox, conservative, reform, traditional, unaffiliated). It is your decision whether to include Judaic texts (Talmud, weekly Torah portion, Mishna, sagely wisdom) and/or traditions and to what extent.

Personalized speech writing is our specialty!